Sunday, 21 June 2015

The hum of bee-ing together as one

Softly Playing in the cradle of the Sun here on earth, tiny bee beings encourage their seedling cousins to awake into birth. 
 Gloria knows that the seedlings will each grow on the pathway of their life's story
Whilst the Bee beings hum together, each holding the sound of the Earth's Mothering Spirit
Each breathing into the other's heart for the music they cannot create alone
As she grows, Gloria knows that time lives in moments, not in minutes or in clocks...
That just as each baby seedling is dreaming and being dreamed by the flower they will be, 
So she is as young and free as now and as old and wise and the Grandmother Story teller who she may become....
All at Once. 
And as Grandmother raises the flowering cradle to receive Midsummer Sun's rays into love
Gloria feels Earth's Motherly rejoicing rise into the fluttering heart of the babe who awaits in Mamma's Belly, 
in the secrets of her sister's seed sowing pocket
And in the pattern of her the dance as she joins hands with the kindness of being
spiralling together
until they are quite dizzy with the joy of life

1 comment:

  1. What a special, supportive group of sunny friends. Blessings to you! xx