Friday, 21 November 2014

stepping spirals of light

Along the pathways of my usual walk I stopped and asked the fine fury shrubs for the gift of a little greenery
Cutting just a few twigs from each with gratitude, I remembered long ago carrying armfuls of scented fir salvaged for its noble role in the children’s spiral of light
As I lay the delicate green, circling in the late afternoon of my room, I feel the darkness gathering that deeply anticipating peace, and I feel it again, as many will in the next few weeks all around the world, anticipating the first child carrying their candle apple.
And then in silence she walks in slowly stepping full of awe, with a few excited skips in between,  towards the spiral’s inner flame and there she reaches out her apple held candle, to share the light.
Softly the darkness sings, as she carefully carries and places this gift in the greenery