Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mille-feuille of deliciousness delicately unfolding

Sometimes when I begin I have a  sense of who might be coming, sometimes, as this time, I have no inkling...

 I just begin with a hat of softest white, perhaps of snow?

Ohhhh adorned with pink hearts?

To follow into a long long ever growing beard full of love

And on to the pocket and then the toes

Perhaps a love letter bearing gnome?

but no...

His face shows more delicacy than I would have known, 

you never really know until you see their faces. 

He seems elfin and oh so kind

A baby strawberry in his care, with the tiniest perfect self made nose 

Suddenly it is clear he is a baker of delicious treats which he carries on a tray while the baby rides in a stripy back pocket

while in our land all that beard might cause concern to food hygienists, where he lives it is an inviting perch, a resting nest of love for birds who come to share his wares, 

that must be how the hearts grew there, both signal and evidence of his gentle generosity