Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A little picture diary of precious moments with a dear wee one and her magical collecting basket

On the first day we met...
Oh how happy this dear wee one is to have a new collecting basket for her walks and adventures. It is a gift from a spidery lace maker who's web she protected the other day. 
Stepping lightly she glimpses a beautiful treasure, a raindrop glistening on a baby rose leaf...such magic is not easy to gather, but perhaps through the delicate hoping of her heart it might slip into her basket?

The next morning....
No rain has fallen since yesterday....but oh my can you see, such wonder is still here, this collecting basket must be as magical as her heart.

When the sunshine came out to play with her....
Skipping along in the sunshine today, her toes barely stop in time when they find themselves amongst tiny purple petals.
She has to tip her face right back to see when the softness is drifting down from...
High high above in the blue sky, amongst a gentle humming she can see a little treasure beginning to float its way to earth.
Oh so tenderly she fills her gathering basket with this gift and then she plays at adding decorating patterns to her sparkly skirt

On a delicious afternoon......

Climbing climbing oh so high, she is taking care to hold on tight, while she picks the tenderest tiniest mint leaves and fills her little basket. Such special collecting she is doing today, all for the kindness of helping her friend the ice cream maker who needs these delicious leaves to make her favourite flavoured treat

One moonlit night....
She had found a lovely place to watch the moon, and maybe she was starting to drift to sleep a little. Then through sleepy eyes she saw something sparkle, a silvery dream seemed to be floating closer perhaps a gift from the moon who was watching over her

When she showed me her most precious foundling....
For the last couple of days she seems to have been hiding, now and again I have heard tiny running steps, but when I stopped what I was doing and tried to see, everything became suddenly very quite and still. This evening though she must have been in a hurry, because she made quite a lot of scuttle and I was able to follow the sound, right into a little red bonnet. 
And there I saw... she has made her little collecting basket into a rocking cradle...
Very very gently I asked and after quite a while she let me hold, the most delicate fairy babe I've ever seen, where she came from who can tell...

This wee one is now on her way home to play.
These diary entries were first offered day by day on The Magic Fairy facebook page

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  1. Your little beings and their stories are so enchanting! That is the sweetest fairy baby I've ever seen!