A heart filled Magic Nests

It happened one day that a grandmother leant down and listened to her grandchild. It happened this way on an almost ordinary day, because that’s what loving Grandmothers most often do.

Her grandchild was retelling a story, a secret tale carried by in the early morning wind. A story of dancing tree tops in a far away land that together weave magical nests of what might be. The myth of a  dear lady who hears the stories in the wood, as she bends down to collect the tree’s offerings carried by the wind to the forest floor. The rest of the tale was just a feeling for the little child, a feeling of nestling spaces where fairy folk are cradled in love by the playful hands of human children.

And so the little child looked up trustingly and said ‘lets find magic nests’ and of course the Grandmother believed her grandchild and took hold of that little hand.

Small feet and older feet walk slowly, young eyes and caring eyes notice many things along the way, and often, after not so many steps there is a need for a little rest.

In the shelter of the mysterious mushroom Grandmother and grandchild sat down, they shared the crumbs of their bread with a tiny bird and asked in return for stories of magic nests.

Oh yes yes yes
gratefully chirruped the wee bird
It is all true so I have heard
The blessings of a magic nest
In which dear wee folk play and rest
And I might add
You will be glad
To have trusted your heart
At your journey’s start

The little child stroked the bird’s wind ruffled feathers and kissed his tiny head goodbye. Then hand in hand once more, grandchild and Grandmother walked on about. 

Stepping through tall grasses they found themselves in the company of soft light seedling fairies twirling.
Delighted the little one joined in their spinning, round and round and almost flying, and dear Grandmother danced too

Quite dizzy now they settled down and the seed fairies gently floated round. 

Together they hummed a gentle song
 two and fro, 
high and low
and in that soft sound the fairies told
of Magic Nests in legends old 
of the kindness in human hearts and hands
creating the space between this and that land

When it was time to say goodbye, the grandchild tried to reach the sky and fly with the light light fairy seeds. Holding that little form, Grandmother felt her grandchild's sleepiness.

And so Grandmother whispered soft stories until her grandchild floated into dreams

Dreams are a carriage way across the sky and so it was that a sleeping grandchild, snug in Grandmother's arms, carried them to a far off land. There they found themselves honoured by a dear lady who hears the stories in the wood. Sitting in her workshop they listened while each tree's branches told of the magic of dancing high high in the windy sky, weaving possibility and make belief to bring to earth.

and there it was that Grandmother and grandchild joined with the creating hands of the dear lady who hears the stories in the wood
And there the grandchild found that Magic Nests are furnished by love
and that they are places to rest and grow as all living things
to tell stories and sing lullabies and giggle
that they hold a space for play and dance and grateful gleefulness 
from which new adventures can be taken
safe in the knowledge of return.

Now they are waiting for the rest of their story to unfurl in the playful hands of a child in the world.

Please enter this second Magic Nest giveaway from Willodel and The Magic Fairy Lady
This giveaway is a gift from Lucinda and I, our giving back, in love and gratitude to the wonders of nature and to the wee folk who fill our days with inspiration. We believe wholeheartedly in the vital nature of play in children's lives and we greatly appreciate all parents, grandparents and others who offer our creations to your children for their play. 
Therefore there is no requirement to enter this love filled Valentine's Magic Nest giveaway. 
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  1. Such a lovely lovely story and so fit for the Woodland Heart filled Fairy bed nest and the WeeOnes who journeyed to find it! Such a wonderful bedtime story!
    My love to everyone!

  2. What a wonderful giveaway my children would adore this as would I thanks for the chance:)xxxx

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  4. The tall pines and all the forest folk are giddy with anticipation! The mist of snowy peaks just passed the news that a Magic Fairy Lady is sending forth a wise grandmother and her equally wise grandchild into the world full of song and dance. Oh my, they have waited so long and can you imagine their delight. The fire is lit and tea awaits...now for their arrival and then the story begins! Thank you and blessings, Donna D'Orio

  5. Beautiful giveaway! How thoughtful for you to do this on such a special day! :)

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  7. I just read this story to my children and they loved it! We have two of your wonderful creations already-Hope to add this beautiful piece to our magical little world!

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  12. What a beautiful story and your creations are Beyond words. If I win pls send me a facebook message or email. Thank you for the chance!!!!

  13. I loved reading this story - it made me think of my mother who is a Granny just like this one. I love the work produced by both of you :-)

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  19. So beautiful! Well wishes to all.

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  21. This is another magical story told by two of you! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway - it would be the best ever birthday present for my daughter!

    My email is s4ndr4mil@gmail.com

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  23. You are a wonderful, gifted storyteller. I am in awe of your gift to bring the characters to life.

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  25. Thank you Sylwyn and Lucinda for the beauty and love! xoxo

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    What a beautiful loving Valentine's Magic Nest!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Love, Gera

  28. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for allowing us the chance to win this magical set.

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    Your work is so beautiful and magical. Thanks for the opportunity to win this special set.!

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  33. You are amazing! Thank you for creating such beautiful pieces for us "believers".
    Mechele Johnson
    mmjohnson555 at gmail dot com

  34. I feel it deepens the dolls' souls when their stories are told!!

  35. Absolutely magical! Thank you for sharing that lovely story and for the giveaway!

  36. Dear Sylwyn, dear Lucinda,
    Slywyn your puppets are so charming. In combination with Lucinda's Nest it is a wunderful valentine giveaway. Created with so much love and passion. And even the story fits so harmonic into the unique entity. Just a dream.
    Hugs Susi

    1. Dear Susi...We are so happy to say congratulations!! your name came out of the hat! I sent you an email, please be in touch with your postal address
      with love

    2. Dear Slywyn,
      currently I am sitting here in the rehabilitation-clinic with my husband and I am so overwhelmed about my selection. What an honour that it is me that got the chance to give this wunderful nest and the puppets a new home.
      I will also take this nest to the Kindergarten I am working in and will tell your story above to my twentythree children. I am sure that they will be as enchanted as I have been about your story.
      Huge hugs Susi

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  40. another amazing unfolding of love through both your hands…how blessed are we!


  41. This giveaway is inspiring, magical and full of the whimsical quality of Waldorf. If I should be so lucky as to win, you can contact me at simplegiftstoys@gmail.com
    Many thanks!
    ~Lisa McSpadden

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  45. Am I too late, I've been battling all evening with my computer trying to leave a comment for you.
    Each time I see your work my heart smiles, these are the most wonderful, magical little beings. You have a beautiful storytelling voice and it brings your work to life in such a vivid way.
    lavender & lark