Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Story Teller's Dwelling

Ones upon a time, and perhaps this very day, a story teller called through the window of her heart to the children playing in the hills, 
And they came, merrily, merrily
Decorating the outstretched branches beneath the window with their blossoming bonnets and leafy layers, they stepped in to the story dwelling’s loving welcome.
Gathering together the story teller listens to the children’s stories, 
She listens to the feeling of raindrops on their tender faces,
She listens to their play of follow-my-leader with the sun’s shimmering rays, 
She listens to the astonished baby’s rainbow song,
She listens to rhythm of the new dance steps patterned out by tiny toes skipping with the windy grasses, 
The story teller weaves the children’s stories into the heart of her dwelling, that all that lives might hear the way to become anew in the children’s world 
And all that lives hears the love of the children’s stories

And love heard by water overflows splish splash,
And love grows green dancing dancing,
And love breaths into the wind’s song that flutters the children’s petals,
And love temps the sunrays to bend and flitter that the children might catch their light.
And here is the Story Teller's story held within her Dwelling
 And here is a child's story gathered there
And here my telling of the story today, playfully with the wee ones...

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  1. MORE than precious Sylwyn:-) I hope you seriously consider making these into a book or booklets.Thank you for sharing your heart and soul and sending this purity and joy into our world.