Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Perhaps imagination embraces the world to help it grow

Sitting on a shelf in a second hand shop my eyes saw a small empty glass box, but my heart saw this...
and then just for an instant I glimpsed 
So I bought the glass box and took it home to wait....and wait....

Until one day, when I wasn't even looking, the air stirred as the flutter of butterfly wings 
and my being wondered 
A few days later, I was sitting on a sunny step, when the gardener skipped through my stitching fingers, whispering that her ears needed to unfurl as leaves, so that she might hear the plants growing, and the murmuring singing of her baby seedlings 
Turning she offered to show them to me, sleeping sunbathed in her greenhouse 

 And the dear froggy who has made his home in the watering can
She let me hold each in my hand, the tiniest flowering babes I've ever known
And when she asked me to gently close the door, I wondered if I had imagined everything. 
Yet now as I look again, my eyes are in tune with my heart and there she is, this magical gardener settling her softly singing seedlings in the evening 


  1. How absolutely beautiful. So delightful.

    1. Many thanks to you for reading and enjoying her greenhouse

  2. Such a delight to read this morning... I saw the little one, the gardener, on Facebook, before I read the story. This wee one seemed to have a particular power of some kind, something new and rare.
    Now I know why. Healer of the world. Healers of the world unite! The baby strawberry so precious.
    Thank you Sylwyn, you have gifted me this day!

  3. Thank you Lucinda for the blessing of what you see and know, for confirming that these beings show themselves truly through my stitches as I encounter them