Monday, 17 March 2014

The Elfin Peddler of Wishes

Did you know that in Fairyland wishes happen differently? Some people may say they happen all back to front and inside out, but actually wishes in Fairyland go forwards, for they are granted before they are wished.

In the shelter of rainbows light, there dwells an gifted Elfin wee man, who listens to what dreams may come. Some say he hears through the rainbow curls in his hair, which reach out to dance in conversation with the breezes.
This Elf is known as the Peddler of Wishes, for he has a Peddler's Cart that he fills with fulfilling wishes for those who live in Fairyland.
His little daughter Elfie helps her father with this craft. 
When the Peddler needs to paint wonder into a magical learning book, his daughter helps by telling her storied to the pages.
When a sleepy bunny comforter needs to learn to hop, little Elfie shows how, while her father claps a rhythm.
And then together they carefully fill the cart
'Ohh beautiful mermaid' whispers Elfie, 'Are you going to befriend a wee sprite who would wish to learn to swim?'
And 'Ahhh little flower, are you to sooth the soft hearted gnome and keep him from wishing that he was bolder?'
Elfie climbs high onto her birch bark swing to sway above the fulfilling wishes, and away they go stepping lightly along a primrose pathway 
'Here you are little flower, the soft hearted gnome will find you here.'
and 'Dear little bunny you will help a sleepy pixy find some bounce.' 
 'While you wee sweet pea will give peaceful sleep to the spirit of the tree.'
 The Peddler leaves new boots at the gate of a fairy dancer who would soon have been wishing for them, for her old ones were running out of steps. The tiny gnome, who has been kindly holding the boots together, sees the teeny doorway under the fairies gate and slips inside to polish the crystal cave, which had been waiting unknowingly for him.
The Peddler places a purse of plenty amongst the strawberry leaves
And he helps the butterfly find a home where the flowers are awakening, he knows that soon petals and butterfly will be fluttering and floating.
Sometimes a fulfilling wish needs a little extra protection and so the Elfin Peddler of Wishes and his little daughter Elfie, take one of their rainbow silks and add a special covering layer.

And ever so often in his work of granting the wishes of fairyland before they are wished, the Peddler simply helps others share their heart's kindness. Today with his cart he helped a dear gnome journey from glen to hollow to nook of root, where she shared sips of buttercup tea and showed other dear mamma the pattern of her baby seed warming cloak. 
How happy the Peddler is to do his magical work and how lucky Elfie feels swinging gently as the day gives way to twilight and they turn their cart towards their home in the sheltering shadow of the rainbow. There they will wait and listen for all the dreams of fairyland that may come.


  1. Oh just a lovely story and work dear mama!

    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}

    1. Thank you Samantha, and for the smiles and company along the way, my blessings to you

  2. You always put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart!

    Thank you, Sylwyn!!!!

    1. And you do the same for me dearest Sandra, blessings on your day xxx

  3. Oh, a thought - why you don't publish your blog posts as a book? I know I would be happy to have these fairy tales to read and re-read...

    1. Its a lovely thought, but the publishing layout is prohibitive, you know that you're always welcome to copy and print and mount into a little book for your little one xxx

  4. What a sweet little daughter she has.