Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The call of the seafarer’s fairest daughter

Sometimes the wonder of these wee beings who trust themselves into my stitching hands is overwhelming. Each comes giving of their unique essence and I am humbled and honoured to receive them. I realise that to write such things may seem contrived, but I know that they are not my creations, for if they were I would simply be stitching bits of cloth. I would not fall in love with them, nor would they show, tell, and at times command the direction of my needle and paintbrush.  My finger tips would not tingle and sometimes tremble and I would not feel astonished each and every time.

Sometimes they come and I feel as if they are just skipping across my palms on their way to where they will become complete with children in their play.

Sometimes though, they tell me their secrets, they surround me with their atmosphere and they awe me with a renewed sense of immense gratitude.

And so it was with the seafarer’s fairest daughter, who came when I was sitting on the beach.

 Her head surprisingly did not form so easily, and so I spoke a lot of love and encouragement as I shaped and held, and then when I could see her, I realised that she had wanted this slightly unusual shape, with her upturned little nose.... and long long before I painted it I could see her smile. Her hair too was not a usual choice for a blue sea girl, but she told me she love peaches the frivolity of fancy desserts…. Pavlova reminds her of the waves on which she twirls, when she is not doing the things that seafarer’s daughters must do, when she takes off the protection of shirt and hat and lets her wings flutter free as she dances light, racing with the white horses.

It's not that she does not love her hat, in fact she showed me her hat, which I had been sitting on at the beach while I stitched, she said ‘look!… my hat, it has a wave in the colour of my hair, and some blue too as my sea skin.’
Its not that she does not like the protection of her silk rough weave shirt, stitched almost by herself, or that she is not happy being strong, or doing the things that seafarers do….
It's just that sometimes she likes to barely really be, to become once more as the spray of the sea.

So when it came to forming her body and we found that her skin was a little misfit and I suggested that perhaps I should fix it, she said ‘no, this is me’ and I was concerned, and waited overnight, and then asked again, ‘but you are such a beauty, will it not detract?’ and she said ‘as you can, when you let yourself, see, my beauty is why my skin doesn’t quite fit me.’
Though I knew she was right I felt a need to explain, that this might make it harder for her to find somewhere to be. She in turn reminded me gently that she needs to live with those who can see her.

And I knew that to change her would be to render her lifeless. And so the seafarer’s fairest daughter has reminded me anew, that should my finger tips ever stop listening, only truly listening, the wee folk would stop coming, and I would simply be stitching bits of cloth. 


  1. This is beautiful - thank you! Listening is such a special gift, and I'm sure the wee ones are quite honoured! xx

    1. Yes, just yesterday I was having a conversation about how they like to be heard, and to be responded to with love, I know how well you understand all this!
      Blessings xxx

  2. Dearest Magic Fairy Lady, Your stories are beautiful and magical and your sweet creations are filled with wonder and enchantment. I am a mother of three grown children, and I just want to thank you for sharing your heart and your work because it can touch and bless even the hearts and souls of some of us adults and reawaken us to the deep and true meaningfulness of life available to each and every one of us every single day as we walk life's journey. Love and blessings to you, Sharyl

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this, it warms my heart so much, I am grateful to you, and send my love and blessings also