Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Advent Blessings for the Elemental Beings

 The first week of Advent, blessings for the Gnomes, children of Earth

Deep deep, deep beneath
Winter’s frost firm blanket of sleep
Magical children, dwellers of our ground
Hold love to be awakened and re-found
The Gnomes tenderly care
For Earth’s treasures resting there,
Each child polishes stones to glow,
With murmurings of ancient dreams they know,
And from pointing hats they draw, soft slumbering stories
Soon to urge, small seedlings into Spring’s flowering glories
Dear Gnomes
We are holding love with you
In gratitude
This Adventide

  The second week of Advent, blessings for the Undines, children of Water

Clear clear, clear within
Still moon pool reflections, where wonders begin,
Magical children swimmers of seas and stream,
Form love into patterns, spiraling powers to be seen.
The Undines gently shape,
Small Nooks of raindrops and glaciers great.
With the tip of his wand a young boy carves
Trees into sea-sand and puddles-glass stars,
And though Winter’s rivers surge fierce and rushing,
Soon with soft burbling, Spring’s babes they’ll be hushing.
Dear Undines
We are forming love with you
In gratitude
This Adventide

 The third week of Advent, blessings for the Sylphs, children of Air

High high, high above,
Tree tops listen for the song of the turtle dove,
Magical children, beings of fair air,
Breathe love to sustain life here, there, and everywhere.
The Sylphs joyfully twirl and gustily blow
Golden leaf flutterings and flurries of first snow,
And while caught in the woosh of windy wild dancing
The air they’re preparing for dandelion wishing.
 Dear Sylphs
We are breathing love with you
In gratitude
This Adventide

 The fourth week of Advent, blessings for the Salamanders, children of Fire

Free free, free beyond
Flickers of starlight in dreams are thronged
Magical children creators of fire
Nourish love in harmony with Sun’s heavenly choir.
The Salamanders guide warmth and light
To comfort the world on cold winter nights
And the flames of our hearths serve to remind
Our hearts to share love with all living kind

Dear Salamanders
We are nourishing love with you
In gratitude
This Adventide


  1. What lovely creations and verses you have made. Thanks for putting this together!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind appreciation Brandy, wishing you and your family a beautiful Advent

  2. This is wonderful and a delight to read and look at. Thank you so much for doing and sharing it~

  3. A truly, beautiful advent journey. Warmest winter wishes to you :)

    1. My thanks and blessings to you, may you have a wonder-filled celebration