Saturday, 2 September 2017

Mamma Blackberry's first Autumn walk with her children

  Stepping neatly from between the brambles down the little hidden pathway from fairyland, comes Mamma Blackberry and her three dear children. 

They are here to welcome Autumn time as they take a little stroll humming harvest songs on a crisp bright morning. 

The baby sits up against a pillow in her beautiful pram, while the little girl carries her new satchel with pride, walking along with her mother and then forgetting all about her secret plan of being all-grown-up and running up and down the bramble hedge instead, balancing and playing chase with her brother.
Soon Mamma Blackberry pauses and lifts her baby for kisses, 
  She gathers her children around her to look together at the changing colours. Perhaps she tells them a little story, and shares some praise-full words about each of them, causing their eyes to shine brighter and  letting them love each other even a little bit more, and notice anew all the tiny treasures of the earth.
Then the children play, making a den amongst the biggest bramble leaves.
And while the baby gets ready for her nap....
The older children day dream a little into the warming midday air wondering what this new season will bring.

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  1. That pram is just dreamy. I really love this little trio of children with their mother. It might be my favorite. <3