Sunday, 1 December 2013

feathering the nest of a magical giveaway

Today, on this first Sunday of advent, many children will have the joy of wondering what might be behind little doors, they will experience the excitement of possibility. Some will open doorways onto tiny pictures, perhaps a little bird or other forest dweller drawn or painted to meet their imagination. Some will find a sweet treat, perhaps shaped in a way that causes them to wonder at the skill of the chocolatier. Some others may reach inside and find a small gift, and perhaps that gift will be magical.

As I have mentioned before, when I was a child my mother made extraordinary advent calendars. Some doorways opened into tissue paper crystal caves which sparkled with light and held small gnomes to carefully invite out into the mossy nature garden. Some doorways held forest friends who in their hand painted character invited our imaginations though to their world to play.
These days, sometimes nearly every day, I experience a similar thrill of opening little doors of possibility, through the holding and folding and stitching of cloth. So often I wake in the morning in excited wondering, unknowing who’s turn it might be to tap tap and mysteriously materialise, into my hands as a magical fairy lady. 

One of the most amazing things is that through these doorways the wee folk have brought, not only the wonder of their beings, but also the gift of introduction to other human beings who they like to visit.

If you have seen the living wooden houses brought to be by Lucinda Macy of Willodel, you will know that that the elves and gnomes and sprites and fairies are regular visitors through the doorways of her listeining imagination. How would she know to create a house that visibly dances with leaves were it not for the inspirational help of those for whom it might be home.
How would she know the added appeal to the imagination of a playing child that a perfect tint of blue adds to a smooth sloping roof, were in not for the whispers of those who wished to meet children in the nature of their play.
The wee folk led me to discover her beautiful work quite some time before my own online endeavours as a magic fairy lady. And so, through the introduction given by the wee folk, and over the strange potential of the ethernet, Lucinda and I have become friends.

We share a belief that play is of paramount importance to children’s wellbeing, we share a joy in creating, and we share an often humorous amazement at the blessing that the tap tap of the tiny visitors brings to our days. 

When it came to setting up the magic fairy lady online, with this blog, facebook page and etsy shop, Lucinda virtually held my hand and offered the kindest most useful of advice.

One of the most special discoveries of our friendship has been a common struggle with the practicalities of working in a way that honours our wishing that all children might have the joy of magical natural playthings. We share a wish to give towards children’s wonder filled playful relationship with nature and the mysterious living beings who infuse flower, stone, stream and tree with beautiful possibility.

Within the nest of this wish Lucinda told me about a little wooden bed of the rising moon that was waiting in her workshop. Then I had the joy of sending a little one from my hands to hers, far across the sea by sky. This story can be found here:

Today in this incredibly magical nest a little helper is tap taping on the doorway of a hatching gift, while the magic inside is waiting to fully become into the playing of a child.


  1. Hello Magic Fairy Lady,
    I found to your Blog when visiting Lucinda.Your Blog is so nice that I added it to my bloglist.
    Your Giveaway Fairy was love for the first moment. I would very glad if the fairy could enchant my life in the future.
    Best regards from Bavaria

    1. Thank you so much for finding me and for adding me to your bloglist! I wish you good good luck with the giveaway
      with my warmest greetings and welcome to you