Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Clickety Clackety Fairy Fancy Shoes!

Imagine being a fairy, as light as sunbeamed dandelion puff, 
a fairy, just tall enough to reach a mamma’s finger tips,

a little wisp of being with teeny tiny feet.

 What if, it just so happened that this fairy really loved pretty fancy shoes,
not the soft barely there kind that wee folk wear, 
but the clickety clackety kind she had peeped going down pavement streets. 

Oh how this fairyling longed to have a turn in those shiny percussion dancers, 

oh how she wished she had big big feet.

But every time she tried to step her tinsy toes in, 
such lady’s shoes simply turned into slides

or boats 

this wee little girl had made her winter home within the prettiness of a room, where someone stitched and sewed and painted and collected and cherished and listened to the whispers in the air. 

One shimmery day, she was swinging on a lacy strand, 
with the tinkly beads and waiting rose bud babes,
when she looked all the way down to the floor, and there...
she glimpsed them

amongst the left overs and the becomings 

with a fluttering hop skip 
she was

hoping, measuring, 
wondering, wishing

trying, tottering 

wobbling, tumbling

balancing, beaming 
Clickety Clacketing! 


  1. Delightful! I will always be watching now, for the tiniest of heeled shoes, in unexpected places perhaps, in old button boxes or charms from olden days, gathering them up for the giddy joy of wee folk!

    1. It pleased me so much too!! the redemption of something almost tacky by fairy guided reinvention, i love moments like that, in which something happens that I could never have foreseen of conceived of alone!