Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Magic in a rainy day walk

 Oh such a glorious splish splashy day, of bluster and raindrops and puddle play,
Delighted ducks lead their ducklings along, pit patting their feet in a happy song,
When tiny legs need a little rest, they ride up high where they can see the best,
 And hopping in hoods seems a jolly idea 
for flapping frolics in fun filled cheer, 
 But who is this wee one with such dainty steps, lifting silk skirts, sighing 'wet oh wet'..
wonder wonder who might she be, a princess so fine, an honour to see
the soft slippered toes of a fairy rose 
are not made for puddles like ducks feet that waddle
 'My dear may I offer, most humbly of course,
a ride on my back, though I am not a horse' 
 'Dear fairy pray join us as we all go along, 
lend your magical voice to our pitta pat song'


  1. Gloriously splendid and sweet, fostering the fondest Springtime memories from long ago... The colors, the clothing, the ducks. the flowers and clothes and the sweet joy of their walk:-)
    Thank you !

    1. Thank you dear friend, there is such marvel in puddles :)