Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Overlapping tones of gold

There is a moment, where summer and autumn overlap extending their tones of gold into an endless afternoon
And that is where she lives...and bakes in her little canopied hill.
She whisks light into froth for her lemony cake and serves petal pancakes to the wee ones there.

There, is a moment that is precious, for there is where summertime's babes play with those who will grow in autumn's care.
It is where buttercup shines sleepily while little mushroom wakens shyly,

and where a wee green grass turns gold.
This little baker nourishes those baby marvels with tender heartedness
and sweet deliciousness
and so that moment of their dwelling is sustained on and on, long into the endless playing of a golden afternoon
and maybe even ever more


  1. Hello Sylwyn,
    it is magical to see how much love you can take in one small box. It is so indescribably beautiful with wich magic you create your small folk. Also on Facebook I watch your entries as often as possible. Your little moth fairy with the hazelnut folk I also like very, very much. It is so sweet.
    'The Apple Cake' book I also own and it remembers me about the time my son visited the Waldorfkindergarten.
    Lots of hugs

    1. Oh how lovely to find your message Susi, thank you so much for all your heart felt appreciation
      with love and blessings to you