Saturday, 19 October 2013

The gift of a dancing changeling

Last weak I opened the door to find a friend holding three soft cardigans of beautiful colours for my sewing, she didn't have time to stay for tea but she had made time to bring me a smile making moment and a gorgeous combination of pale green blue, lila and purply pink. 

A few days later I was gathering these lambswool and cashmeres together with my spring green skin silk to take with to sew while my daughters had their ballet lessons. A fair amount of my sewing happens in this way and today I felt someone might come to clothe themselves in these colours. My younger daughter came in to hurry me along, and in my jumble of cloth she saw the cut off foot of a pair of green and blue striped tights...'mummy you must make someone wearing tights from my tights!' so that scrap went into my bag too. 

Unknowing who was coming my hands began to sew, but as soon as she asked for her beautiful complex five plaited hair style I knew she was a changeling - a child of fey nature, perhaps a fairy babe place into human care. These beings take longer to come because their bodies and their clothes are separate, but their play value is heightened by the possibility of changing dress and thereby moving between realms of fairyland and dollhouse roles. By the time my girls had finished their dancing, this small one was here enough to snuggle into the soft coloured wools on the way home, yet she still had no clothes of her own. 

Unpacking my bag later in the day I found the scrap of blue and green striped tights, and in musing held it round her body, and there in that moment up went her little green leg into the most natural grand battement, and in that grace I recognised her with a gentle sense of ahh of course. I also recognised her joy in her cloth carried inheritance. 
These green and blue tights, that my girl had worn until they got holes in the toes had come in a large bag of clothes from the same house as those pastel cardigans, a house in which two nearly grown up amazing dancing girls live. 
This sweet-hearted changeling had begun to emerge in the atmospheric mix of those soft wool colours and had become certain in her being with the scrap of tights from the same dancing house, and all this on my daughters' dance class day. 
So i stitched some tiny tights, and then a little soft blue green dress, which wasn't quite right yet, but would keep her warm while we meandered through the other part of her endowment.

This time of year the fairy folk are close, they rise in mist and tap at windows, their tree truck doorways creak in the damp, they dance by moonlight, and the cheeky or slightly vexed might even play a trick or two, just to remind an inattentive human. This small wee girl is swayed and tempted by whispers in the wind, she sometimes feels light footed enough to fly. 

onto translucent silk skip a community of otherworldly dancers, they float onto a parasol, 

 and hold the air to lift her as she pirouettes or walks a tightrope in the dusky sky. 
And then 
one brave little one full of love merges herself all pinks and lilac into the little blue dancing dress, and they dance and they dance
and they dance, a little more wildly with more exuberant playfulness than the little girl would in her ballet leotard.

I tried to make some tiny slippers, from various materials, but each time they looked so clumsy in comparison to the grace of her pale green toes. In the attempting of detail however, I had borrowed one of my girls' ballet shoes and after a while of kicking off my efforts this missy grew tired and slipped into the peach slipper to sleep .. Ooohhhh I see, in fairyland shoes are a beddy-boat, for dreaming not for wearing! 

But I could not keep that borrowed shoe, 
and so I knew not what to do,
Until I remembered something from before
a bag of dressing up clothes too small, now hidden behind the playroom door
and right at the bottom
now forgotten
one single little shoe
which had once come as a gift, yes you know from who.
asleep in her beddy-boat, which might dance in the night, lifted high by a fairy canopy and guided by the flight of a silver rainbow butterfly 

where might she sail to she wonders, what treasures gather in her pillow bag with her other clothes

what name may adorn the heart of her lucky shoe boat
where might she come ashore, to dance with friends
to play and to dream


  1. this little fairy adventure has so perked up my morning! I feel much better and ready to do the things which must get done. Gazing into this tiny green face warms my soul. Thank you Sylwyn, perhaps consider taking these lovely "chapters" and forming a charming little book :-)

    1. Just found your kind words, and yes the idea of little stories or chapters is something I've thought about at different times, I hope that gradually I will develop something like that within these virtual pages perhaps!