Friday, 20 September 2013

an unspooling spiel of inspiration

In the spell of the harvest moon I found myself floating from yesterday into this morning, following a thread unravelling through one image after another, letting myself be led in tender whimsey

Yesterday on my mother's dresser a little jug I reached to touch, imagining antique silk my bemused fingertips found soft soft nearly gone white rose petals

and so this morning instead of tidying I was hand painting dragonflies and damselflies on kimono silk to bring fairy flight to this little miss 
Crimson pepper pod
add two pairs of wings, and look
darting dragonfly.
(by Basho) 
and reentering the atmosphere of our enchantment by Rumer Godden's 'Miss Happiness and Miss Flower

when day by day we found ways to make our own Japanese dolls house

and precious antique dolls came alive to live in it

and revisiting instruction 
glimpsing a gifted sweet box

of damselfly fairy wings 
and now to stitch beneath the moon at play


  1. This is so beautiful, and it is evolving, this process of inspiration spiraling down like a maple tree seed pod, whirling down to the fertile land of your own creativity and heart and then coming to become something so special... your willingness is to share this process and to record it so carefully is a blessing and inspiration to all who are wanting..

    1. my heart sings thank you, and for the image of the maple tree seed pod, I had never seen one, but now I almost have