Tuesday, 27 August 2013

of betwixt and between time

It is incredibly difficult to put a price to a small being inspired by nature's life forces and destined for a child's play. Both nature and play cannot truly exist but outside the control of finance, and forming these fairies, sprites, gnomes, elemental beings is an experience deeply imbedded in the meshed realms of playing and wilderness. Yet in order to enable these beings to fly out and nurture children's playful relationship with their living world I have to bring money into it. This have to is twofold, firstly in order to put in the hours that stitching takes I need to be contributing to our household living, and secondly giving them away sadly seems often to cause suspicion in my intent and in their quality.

So I have asked those I know and looked around at how other magic creators are pricing and come to a vague framework. Yet I know that these prices though fair mean that these little beings will not be accessible for many children's play and this bothers me, a lot.

I have been advised by a dear friend who has been working in this way for a long time, that one solution to this quandary is to offer some wee folk created in a simple less time consuming way, and this does indeed seem very good advise because children are adept at finding the aliveness in the a hint of what might be held in a form. However I haven't worked out how to do this consistently yet because each being that my hands form at the moment seems to want to come until it has finished its detailed becoming and stopping before that point is nearly impossible.

Luckily life seems to give us a clue when we are flexible enough to notice and to find round about paths of thinking. Through some happenings in the last weeks I figured out that there were minutes in which I would not ordinarily be sewing, and that if I made a few stitches here and there, those minutes would eventually give birth to a whole magical being. In their becoming betwixt and between time these mysterious folk could slip beneath the grasp of monitory value and be offered at a more accessible price.

This wee one who cherishes the bees on the lavender, is the first of such betwixt and between time offerings.  I have no idea how often these ones will materialise but I believe that, with carful attention to opportune hidden moments, they will.

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